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Sprintercup Companion App for Android

The Sprintercup Companion App (SCC) provides you with the Meldeergebnis of the Sprintercup on your smartphone or tablet.

Screenshot: Competition Overview Screenshot: Lap Entries

Screenshot: Competition Overview Tablet
Screenshot: Lap Entries Tablet

Download (Version 1.0.0) for Sprintercup 2013

Android app on Google Play

Developer Information

This application uses the .csv file of a Meldeergebnis generated by easyWK. Therefore it is easy to use this app for any swimming competition that is administrated with easyWK by just providing the correct data file. Feel free to fork the code and provide and app for your own competition.

Support or Contact

If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the Sprintercup Companion App don't hesitate to contact me or file an issue.

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